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If someone would tell you that you'd have to rent your whole life, invest your lifetime in exchange of money, that you’d have to save this money to spend during your «vacations» (= the amount of days someone else decided you deserved to have), as well as use your time off to recharge your energy to be back to work and so in a loop.

Would you accept it ?

Well, that’s how most of us have been thought and we did accepted it because we believed that we deserved this lifestyle.

And it became a program that now we are all, fortunately, becoming more and more aware of.

But I have a secret for you ! Actually there is a way to break these chains and...

Fly with your own wings !

Fly with your own wings

Do you remember what led you to live the way you're living today ?

I have three questions that will help you to find your Purpose :

What do you really want out of life ?

What do you really not want in your life ?

What would you be willing to give up in order to live the life you want ?

These questions are our compass to keep Philipp and I motivated and to find track again.

But first let me tell you our story...

Have you lost track of your Purpose ?

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